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No matter how persuasive our marketing is, how enticing our product is or how competitive our price is, the true test of our policy, our service, and our reputation will be how well we handle and settle your claims.

Claims handling is critical. In the first instance, claims must be referred to our in-house Claims Manager, Jacquie Pooley. Jacquie has over 15 years of experience managing park homes and leisure homes claims, and she will ensure that all the information required is gathered and explained to you. Once Jacquie has collected all the relevant information, she will refer your claim to our underwriter, AXA Insurance UK, who will manage the claim and settle directly with you. You can rest assured that Jacquie will be available to discuss your case with you if you have any questions or queries about your claim.

We know that making a claim can cause distress, and we will always try to make things right. We also know that how a claim is managed and resolved reflects on us and the overall quality of our services. We consider claims as an opportunity to demonstrate to you just how good we and our policies really are, and we’ll always ask for your feedback regarding how your claim was handled so that we may improve upon it.

Home Emergency Assistance 24 hours a day – 365 days the year

Our ‘Select’ and ‘Economy’ residential Park Home policies and our ‘Select’ Leisure Home policy include a 24-hour Home Emergency Assistance service. Depending upon which policy you choose, the cover may include a benefit of up to £1,000, £500, or £250 to cover call-out charges, parts, and labour. And in many cases, the damage is likely to be covered by your policy which covers, for example, loss or damage caused by fire, storm, flood, and falling trees.

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Will a claim increase my Insurance Premium?

The occasional claim should not impact your subsequent renewal premium. If, however, you make two or more claims within a 5-year period, loading may be applied. If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact us using the button below. Got a question? Contact us below:

Claims Testimonials

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Linda – Claim on Policy

Jacquie was amazing from start to finish, such a lovely, understanding lady she took into account my feelings, and she kept me informed of how things were going.
I am a very happy lady with a beautiful bathroom again. Thank you.

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Pauline and David Perrins – Claim on Policy

But seriously, thank you very much indeed for your prompt & efficient response to the case of the lost teeth. We have no problem recommending your company to other park home residents & will let them know how straightforward making a claim
on their insurance, should they need it, is.

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Mrs RR Meadows – Claim on Policy

Once again, you excelled in your promptness and professionalism. I had trouble getting replacement doors, but you were so helpful. I was beginning to get stressed. The company that fitted them were so polite and professional; I couldn’t fault them. I would highly recommend your services. I’m a very happy customer.